Aug 12, 2011

Years Fly By Fast

Shawn's and my 13th wedding anniversary was Aug 7th. It's crazy to look back and see that we've made it through 13 years of marriage without killing each other. I have a few people in my family laughing as they read this because they know me so well. It's surprising that my parents didn't throttle me when I was a teenager. I was difficult to say the least. Shawn and I are both very stubborn. Now mind you stubborn has it's own good qualities but some times we're a bit too stubborn. I look back and see 13 years of ups and down but we've managed to make it through. The military has caused some of those ups and a lot more of those downs. We irrate each other frequently and have heated debates on anything and everything you can think of. We're on the opposite ends when it comes to politics which makes for some very fun and interesting arguments. I guess you could say when we vote we're so opposite we'd cancel out each others vote. I like to argue and I think I missed my calling as a lawyer. Can't say it's always been fun and easy but I wouldn't change anything.

I finished Bree's new socks. Sorry no photo. Bree took the socks as soon as they came of the needles. So I'll have to try to snap a shot after they're washed. They're toe up with a short row heel and a k1,p1 ribbing on the cuff. The yarn is Jo-Ann Sensations Bamboo and Ewe sock yarn. Feels like a typical workhorse yarn. It's cheap and easy to get so it's the perfect yarn for kids socks.

Kaity's skirt is done. 

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Dang that bout killed my hands. Now I remember why it's been awhile since I knit cotton skirts. That stuff is rough on my hands. I swear on all that is holy I'm never knitting another cotton skirt/shirt/dress every again.

Started a pair of socks for Kaity. 

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Toe up using Knit Picks Felici. The colorway is Hummingbird if I remember correctly. It's an older colorway that they no longer sell.

Started a new pair of socks for myself.

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The yarn is Rainy Days & Wooly Dogs GothSock Laudnanum, the colorway is called multipass. Of course the first thing that popped into my mind is the movie The Fifth Element. Not sure if that's what the dyer was thinking about when she named the yarn but it sure works for me. The pattern is Bubbles Down the Drain (ravelry). I really like this pattern. It's simple enough to knit while watching tv but it's not plain stockinette which is something I'm going to be knitting a lot of when I start my cardi for Camp Loopy.

I got the yarn in for my 3rd Camp Loopy project.

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Cascade 220 Heathers, colorway is Red Wine Heather and it's perfect. I'm knitting Bernhardt (ravelry)(non ravelry). 30 days to knit a full size cardi with sleeves. I could have picked something easier since the only requirement is that I use 800 or more yards of yarn for the project. I'm going for a bigger size too since this is going to be for me to wrap up in on cold winter days. 

Until next time.....Happy Crafting!

Aug 2, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

I can't believe its been over a month since my last post. Ok ok so yes I have a horrible track record for posting. Ravelry sure hasn't made it better either. 

I have a temporary solution to the yarn winding situation.

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It's not the best but it does get the job done. Ecxuse the mess. I'm a crappy house keeper and will find any excuse not to clean. This was taken during Tour de Fleece so spinning was much more important then cleaning. At least I fed the kids and did laundry. :)

Speaking of Tour de Fleece, this is what I accomplished.

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Well there were a few more but I haven't gotten them skeined up and soaking in a nice bath yet. The one on the far right was spun before the start of Tour de Fleece and was waiting on a bobbin to be plyed.

Bree's skirty skirt is now done.

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Pattern is Hip in Hemp (ravelry) and the yarn is Elann Camila. I really like this pattern. And now you know I use a Maytag Bravo washing machine. Best damn washing machine ever!! We opted not to get the matching dryer. They wanted $400 more just because it had a steam function. Ah, nope no thank you. Water going into an electric dryer just doesn't sound good to me.....more to go wrong and more costly to fix when it does. The guy actually tried to sell me the dryer purely because it would give me a matching if I give a flying fig about that. The washer and dryer are both Maytag and they're both white. Good enough for me. I wanted red but it would have taken several weeks longer and it would have cost me more. Why more for the red washer/dryer? Who knows.

I started and finished my 2nd Camp Loopy project.

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The pattern is Dawn Gnot (Ravelry) and the yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy. I ordered some Cascade 220 Heathers in Red Wine to make my 3rd Camp Loopy project which will be Bernhardt (ravelry)(non-ravelry). 30 days to knit a cardi. I'm pretty sure I can do it without a problem. 

I found these adorable stitch markers.

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I was hunting for stitch markers for a swap I'm in and came across these. The cutest little s'mores stitch markers ever made by JL Yarnworks.

I also started Kaity's skirt.

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I'm also using the Hip in Hemp pattern but the yarn is Knit Picks Cotlin which I think works up better then the Camila for this skirt. It has a better drape then the Camila. The best yarn is still Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy but I couldn't find it on sale so I had to use an affordable substitute. Kaity picked out the eye blinding bright colors. I much prefer the softer colors that Bree picked out for hers but Kaity's the one that will be wearing it so if she's happy then everythings all good.

The tomato plants are doing well although the big ones haven't produced any red tomatoes yet.

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I did manage to get a handful of cherry tomatoes so far.

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Till next time.....Happy Crafting!