Aug 17, 2012

Ack Arg Blah Tired of it all

I've started unfriending people on Facebook who have turned their walls and therefore mine into and never ending stream of political garbage. For the most part I believe that politics and religion are no no topics for me. I'm sick of seeing it and most of all I'm sick of watching it end friendships. I have enough stress in my life with out feeling like my "friends" are adding to it. Some of them have gone as far as send private messages with their political garbage. Um I hate to break it to everyone but both parties are lying to you. They don't give a flying rats ass about you and they most definitely don't have this country's best interests in mind. They have their own agenda and I can guaran-damn-tee it's not what they're telling everyone.

I'll be just fine no matter who takes control of the country. It does scare me a little when people want to tromp on my rights and some of these "new" republicans are scary as hell because if they had their way we would lose our freedom of religion, our freedom of choice, and a few other freedoms many soldiers, sailors and airmen have died protecting. I believe everyone has the right to practice/not practice religion, I believe everyone has the right to love, marry, and live anyway they want. My marriage is not threatened by two men or two women who obviously love each other getting married. I think this is the biggest reason why I refuse to go to church. I just can't believe that a God who is suppose to be so lIoving would say that being gay is wrong. I hate to admit it but I have a few people in my family who are so hateful but yet call themselves good Christians. Thankfully I was lucky enough to not grow up anywhere near these bigots and i proud to say that my kids are being raised right and if one of them turns out to be gay I will love them, support them and hope they find someone they can love and spend their life with.

I don't believe that Muslims are dangerous. I think some very bad people have used their religion as jumping point for some very bad things just like other religions have been wrongly used. Religious zealots are a scary lot no matter which religion they use. Um anyone heard of the Westboro baptist nuts? They use Christianity to sling their mud. They aren't causing bodily harm but what they do is dangerous and sick.

I don't find it hilarious to watch the republican party blame the democrats for all of the country's debt. Um sorry but there are a lovely list of republican presidents who helped contribute a sizable chunk to our national debt. Our current president just happens to hold the title for the most debt ever. I'm not saying I agree with him because I don't and I think hes made some really bad mistakes along the way. But I'm also not foolish enough to believe the drivel that Romney is spewing either and his running mate Ryan has some really scary ideas. It's a case of damned if you do and damned if you don't. You cant win either way but a choice of which side do you think is going to screw you a little less.