May 17, 2013

Poor Neglected Blog

I've been neglecting the blog for quite some time now and I haven't really tried to get back into the habit of blogging.

Things have been busy here for all of us. The kids are almost out of school and my mom is coming up next week to help us get our household goods unpacked. We're taking off the beginning of June for a 5-6 week trip down to my parents house in So Cal. Shawn unfortunately has to stay behind and work but at least he loves the new job and the people he works for and with are great.

We're buying my sisters house so at least we won't have to change our mail address again. It's hard to believe that we'll be seeing our stuff in a little over a week....woohoo!!

I have been knitting. I've managed to keep myself busy even with my stash in storage and my spinning wheel in pieces packed in a box.

Knit myself another sweater using Miss Babs Yummy sport weight yarn.

Gnarled Oak Cardi

The pattern is Gnarled Oak Cardi and the color is Vlad's. I found the buttons at JoAnn's. The one here in Boise has a much better selection of buttons then the one in Montana. Of course it's like twice the size of the one in Montana.

I used the left over yarn from my cardi to make a shawl.


The pattern is Crescent. It was a quick easy knit and used up the last skein of Miss Babs Yummy sport I had left.

I made a pair of socks for myself.

STR Nancy's Sock

The pattern is Nancy's Sock and the yarn is Socks That Rock medium weight and the colorway is Peridot and Periwinkle.

A pair of socks for Kaity using some yarn I picked up from Michaels.

Miss Ks socks

The yarn is Loops and Thread Luxury sock. It's a merino/cashmere/nylon blend. It's pretty affordable. I've never used it before so we'll see how well it wears for the kids socks.

My Simple Skyp socks.

County Clare Skyp Sock

Knit using Socks That Rock lightweight in the County Clare colorway. I really loved the way they were pooling so I worked and afterthought heel.

I knit a Trousseau shawl using yarn I frogged from a pair of knee highs that weren't coming out the way I wanted them too.


I think the shawl looks better then the socks were looking anyway. This one may be rehomed to my mom. I'm not a shawl wearer but I do love them.

This isn't everything I've knit but it's a good recap of all the big things. I've also done a handful of test knits for Woolgirl too.

Thanks to my sis I'm now hooked on several new shows, The Glades, Castle, Warehouse 13, and Supernatural. As if I really needed new shows to watch. Since I haven't upgraded to a dvr that can record more then 2 shows at once I have to rely on XBMC on my android Xios keeps me from missing shows. Gotta love what my sis deems lovingly as Hacker TV.

Till next time.

Happy Crafting!

Jan 11, 2013

Here's To A New and Hopefully Better Year

We're well on our way into a new year and things are going well. I have a trip planned for the girls and I to stay at my parents house for a month this summer and if all goes well Shawn and I will be looking to purchase a home when I get back from my trip. I can't wait to get all my things out of storage. :-)

The girls had their very first ever snow day. They were so excited. Great Falls school district refused to call snow days no matter how crappy the weather was.


This was taken less then an hour after Shawn shoveled and you can barely see where he had shoveled.

I've been knitting a bit. Some of it I can't show right now because they are test knits. I made the girls a lace shawl for their American Girl dolls.

Thistle Doll Shawl

The yarn is a sparkly sock yarn from Red Heart that I found at Fred Meyer. The girls each got a pair of socks for Christmas with this yarn.

My favorite fuzzy, orange foot warmer.

My favorite toe warmer

Meet Mouth my sisters lovely, orange, fat kitty. He is the ultimate lovely kitty.

Mr. Spaz

The little black kitty is Spaz and he has to be the most unique kitty I've ever seen. He's not a lap kitty but he does love curling up under the blankets. His favorite place is on the top bunk which is Kaitys bed.

I finally finished my Love Bug socks.

Love Bug socks

Found some orange and blue sock yarn for my little Boise State Broncos fan.

Lorna's laces sock yarn

Bree is a little diehard Broncos fan. I've never seen a 6 year old girl that will ditch her toys for a football game. I'm going to probably make her some knee socks.

I'll end this post with a pick of my sisters kitty boys curled up in my lap.

Kitties keeping my leg warm

Happy Crafting!!