Apr 29, 2009

Snow! Seriously!!

It's snowing here and not just a little bit but a whole lot. Yesterday we broke the record with 8.1 inches of snow and it still continued to snow after midnight so who knows what we are up to now. All I know it this is what my back yard looks like.
**Edited to add: Just found out that as of noon today we've received another 9.9 inches of snow. All total the records say we've received 19 inches of snow over the last 2 days.....sheesh!

More Damn Snow

More Damn Snow

It's insane! To make matters worse, it's still snowing and it's not the nice light & fluffy type of snow it's that wet, heavy snow. Kaity was almost 2 hours late for school because it took Shawn forever to clear the driveway and the sad part is he was using a friends snow blower. He's already stated that he'll be buying a snow blower! This is the second time this year we've had to use one to get our car out of our garage. December was a bad month for snow too. I'm so ready for the warm to come back. The only thing good about the snow is that it'll push back fire season. The wetter it stays the longer it staves off the fires.

Well enough about my crappy weather. On to the good stuff that you all are here for.

I received my second LOTR sock club shipment.

LOTR Sock Club

We received The Unique Sheep Tinsel Toes. The colorway is Prince of the Wood Elves. I've already knit up the pattern.

Prince of the Wood Elves Socks

This is the first sock club sock yarn and pattern that I've used in awhile. One side of the sock has a lacy leaf pattern and the other side has a bow and arrow pattern. I just fell in love with the pattern and yarn color. I'm not a big tinsel sock yarn lover and normally avoid sock yarns that have tinsel in them but I just couldn't pass this one up. I'll be making this pattern again with some other socks yarn. I'm thinking maybe some Dream in Color Smooshy.

I received my last shipment of the Yarntini Happy Hour sock club which included my self striping bonus skein.

Yarntini Sock Yarn

The final shipment was a semi sold called Honeytini and is gorgeous! I decided to go with the Appletini self striping. I'd love to get a few more skeins of self striping. I'm still on my self striping sock yarn kick.

Picked up a skein of Trekking Handart from TLE awhile back.

Trekking Hand Art

I needed to order some more soap so I threw in a skein of yarn to justify the shipping. It's a fairly mute color and not normally what I buy but I like it. Wonder if it's because the name of the colorway is Ireland. Who knows!

I also got a skein of Cascade Heritage Handpaint when I needed to order some needles a week or so later.

Cascade Heritage Handpaint sock yarn

Gotta get something to go with the needles....right? I know it's not as if I really needed another skein of sock yarn but hey I'm on a sock kick again and have knit several pair so I need to replace the yarn I've used.

I also received some new books. I'll spare you all the pictures. I picked up: The Eclectic Sole, Toe up Techniques, Sock Innovations and Socks from the Toe Up.

I finished the April mid-month cloth for the Monthly Dishcloth KAL group.

April Showers Cloth

It was a pretty simple cloth. I used Peaches & Creme, color Faded Denim.

I do have one sock project going right now but will start one for the Makin' Cookies KAL that starts 1 May.

Toe Up Regia socks

These are just a simple pair of socks using some self striping Regia sock yarn I bought from someone who was destashing it on Ravelry. I'll probably use a simple ribbing on the leg after the heel turn. It's my "to go" project so I only work on them when I'm out and about.

I'm also working on a little lacy cardi for Kaity to wear over her shirts.

Lacy Cardi

She has a cotton one that was bought for her almost two years ago by my mom. The poor kiddo is growing out of it so she needs a new one. I'm using a acrylic yarn for this one for easy washability but will probably make her another one for winter wear later this year.

I'm also working on a project for my TLE swap pal but for obvious reason I can't post about it until she's received her box. I should be getting a new test knit from Woolgirl in the next day or two also. It's for one of the club packages so it'll be awhile before I can post that one. I think I pretty much covered everything.

Happy Crafting!

Apr 22, 2009

Lots of FO's

OK, where do I start? It's been so long since I posted about anything (not counting my post on the Bee Fields shawl). I'm not sure where to even start. Guess I should just jump in feet first and go from there. This is going to be a long post so feel free to grab a beverage and a snack. I'll wait....I promise!

Guess I'll start with finished projects for todays post. I have quite a few of those. Then I can cover new projects and goodies in the next post.

First up is my cashmere cowl.

Cashmere Marvel Cowl

I used Zen Yarn Garden Cashmere DK, colorway Truffles and the pattern is the Marvel Cowl (ravelry)(non ravelry). I had to add a few extra pattern repeats because the cowl was coming out to small. It's super warm and of course the weather has been warm so I haven't gotten a chance to wear it.

My Rainbow Baby Cable Rib Socks.

Rainbow Baby Cable Rib Socks

I really like how these turned out. The yarn is Paca Peds with the heel and toe yarn, colorway Tye Dye. I actually had more then enough yarn to knit the cuff too but I worked a short row heel instead of a heel flap. The pattern is the Baby Cable Ribbing from Sensational Knitted Socks. I worked this toe up, toe at a time. There's enough yarn left to make some shortie socks for Kaity.

I finished my toe up bamboo socks.

Toe up Bamboo Socks

These were knit using Regia bamboo sock yarn. I can't remember the colorway and frankly I'm to lazy busy to look it up. They're just a basic toe up sock with stockinette foot, short row heel, and k2, p2 ribbing on the leg. The Regia bamboo was nice to knit with although it was a tad splitty. I haven't found a non wool sock yarn that isn't a tad splitty.

My Sweet Lime Monkey socks.

Sweet Lime Monkey Sock

These were knit for the April Makin' Cookies KAL. I've knit this pattern several times but never for myself so I figured it was about time to make a pair of Monkeys for myself. The yarn is Yarn Pirate merino/bamboo/nylon sock yarn. The colorway is one of the Booty club colors called Sweet Lime. I bought it from someone who was destashing on Ravelry. I love how the yarn striped with this pattern.

Simple Garter Stitch Shawl called Mara.

Simple Garter Stitch Shawl

This was my test knit for Madelinetosh. Kaity was kind enough to help me model it for pictures. It's a comfy garter stitch shawl with a simple ribbing. The pattern should be available soon. It uses 3 skeins of Tosh worsted and is super comfy.

Fauxbious test knit for Woolgirl.

Lace Club Test Knit

This was the first shipment for the Woolgirl lace club. I test knit it awhile back. The yarn is Malabrigo Lace.

Easter egg dishcloth.

Easter Egg Dishcloth

This was the 1 April KAL cloth for the Monthly Dishcloth KAL group.

I think this sums up most of the things I've finished here in the past few weeks. I'll leave you with my little princess modeling the new tank top her grandma (my mom) made her. She loves it!

My Girly Girl

Happy Crafting!

Apr 17, 2009

Bee Fields Shawl

Wow has it really been that long since my last post? Guess so! I decided to do a quick post with just photos of the Bee Fields Shawl (ravelry)(non ravelry). It's been blocked and ready to be posted for awhile now but I've just been way to lazy busy to post it.

Lets get all the pics out of the way first.

Bee Fields Shawl

Bee Fields Shawl

Bee Fields Shawl

Kaity was kind enough to model the shawl for me. Getting Shawn and the weather to cooperate to get some nice pictures was hard then I thought it was going to be. I really enjoyed knitting this shawl and I'm sure if I would have worked on it more it would have taken me way less then a year to knit it. The shawl and I got in a few fights along the way and it had several lengthy time outs.

Sad Kid

Kaity was shooting for a sad look. She tried to con me out of the shawl but I told her that I spent way to much time for her and and her sister to use it to play dress up. I'll give her an A for effort. She did try. I have yet to figure out what I'm going to do with the shawl. I'm not a shawl wearer but I love to knit them. Know anyone who would love a green lace shawl?

I'll be back in the next few days to post about some of the things I've been up to. I have lots to show.

Happy Crafting!