Jan 10, 2016

New Year, New Leaf

I'm going to try to get back to blogging. I know I've said that before so we'll see if I can make it stick. I have several knitting projects on the needles. I did finally give up on a few. They've been on the needles for so long I knew they were never going to be finished.

I have a goal to get some of my projects finished up. I have the hue shift afghan that needs to be finished. It won't take me long if I just sit down and knit on it. It was tucked into it's bag and forgotten about. Bree's skirt is languishing on the needles. I need to get it finished before the kid grows out of it. Finally I need to finish the Morvarch shawl I started for my mom.

I have some KAL's I'm going to being joining up with so there will be some casting on soon. In Feb I'm joining the Constantinople Shawl KAL. It's a shawl with some lace. I'm looking forward to this knit. I love making shawls.

The next KAL is going to be a Supernatural themed shawl. The Fight the Fairies KAL starts in March. I'm super excited for this one because it involves beads. Lots and lots of beads. Yeah!! I've been wanting to start another beaded shawl for awhile now. I love knitting with beads.