Feb 26, 2010

The Shock of It

Eeeek, gasp, shock, wow! I know it's shocking that I'm posting to my blog and it's only been about 2 weeks since my last post. I may just get back on a regular blog posting schedule after all, not that I have a whole lot to post about other then some yarn purchases. I have two items I knit for Miss Babs for Stitches West and since that's going on right now I'll post some pics in my next blog post.

We got the final word down the other day so it's official, we're not moving to Germany. Our orders were canceled so we'll be staying here in Montana for now. I'm really not upset about it. I think it would have been a wonderful experience for our family but at the same time it was going to be a lot of hassle. We've already been told that there is a big possibility for another set of orders to come down in 6 months so we'll see what happens. If we're meant to go then we'll get another set of orders to Germany in 6 months....only time will tell. I for one still have my fingers crossed that the next set will be to Honolulu, Hawaii. Hey, a girl can dream can't she.

I'll start with the few knitting projects I can post about then follow them up with the yarn.

First up is a pair of socks I'm knitting for myself.....Butterfly Garden Socks (ravelry)(non ravelry)

 image from farm3.static.flickr.com

These socks are actually a lot farther along but I haven't taken a picture of them yet. I've finished the heels and have worked about 2 inches of the leg. The next picture I take will most likely be when I finish them. The yarn is JulieSpins M420S and the colorway is called Golden Glow which is so cheerful and perfect for overcast nasty weather. The weather here was overcast and we had a good amount of snow when I cast on these socks. The weather has since changed and is now more like Spring. I keep waiting for the weather to change and dump 2 feet of snow on us. I keep having this feeling like we're not done yet. If you like a pattern loaded with little cables and twists then you'll love this pattern. I find that the more complicated patterns work up quickly for me then plain socks.

The 1 Jan 2010 Monthly Dishcloth KAL cloth.

 image from farm5.static.flickr.com

I was using scrap yarn in my stash and ran out. I had another red ball in there but as you can see the two colors weren't from the same dyelot. I'm not even sure if they're the same brand since they all feel the same to me.

Now on to the goodies portion of the post. I have done a bit of yarn buying since we're not moving. I need to restock some of the yarn I destashed....ok so I didn't really buy this yarn with that intention.

First up is Zen Yarn Garden's new base Serenity 20.

 image from farm3.static.flickr.com

This sock yarn base has 20 percent cashmere in it and is completely squish-able! The colorway is Blueberry Swirl. I'm to busy hugging it to knit it right now but I'm looking for the perfect pattern so I can't start knitting with it soon.

My last Woolgirl order.

 image from farm5.static.flickr.com

I picked up a few things from Woolgirl's shutting down the online store sale. I picked up 2 sock patterns and several skeins of sock yarn (from left to right): Union Center Knits sport weight sock yarn, Mama Llama's Bounty Ewe (merino/cashmere base sock yarn), Yarn Love Marianne Dashwood, and Curious Creek Fibers Serengeti.

I have the first shipment of the second installment of the Lord of the Rings sock club from The Unique Sheep. I joined for another 3 shipments. If you want to see it Click Here.

Beyond Basic Knits Self Striping sock yarn.

 image from farm5.static.flickr.com

I picked this one up because all proceeds from the sells of these pink yarns are going towards their fundraising efforts for their Susan G Komen 3 day walk. They have a blog set up if you want to check it out. I love self striping yarn and the money is going towards a great cause so you can't go wrong.

The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga!

 image from farm5.static.flickr.com

Need I say more. I caught this in the last update from The Loopy Ewe. The colorway on the top is Marpesia Marcella (picture came out a little bit to maroon-ish) and the colorway on the bottom is Oleander Hawk Moth.

Wollmeise 80/20 Twin sock yarn in the am kalten Polar colorway.

 image from farm3.static.flickr.com

I happened to stubble upon a Wollmeise update going on at The Loopy Ewe. I've been wanting this colorway for some time now and finally managed to get a skein.

Finally, an order from Knit Picks.

 image from farm5.static.flickr.com

Actually the order was placed for the skeins of Comfy worsted (planetarium colorway) for a baby blanket but I had to throw in the skein of sock yarn (stroll handpaint in the Make Believe colorway) and the Sock Club book to hit the free shipping mark. Plus the book was 40% off when I ordered.

I think that pretty much covers everything for now. I'll try to post here again in the next week with some more knitting pictures. I'm hoping to start spinning again this weekend. My back is doing much better now and I think I'm finally ready to spin again.

Happy Crafting!

Feb 10, 2010

No Snappy Titles Left

I think I've used up all my snappy titles. After several years of blogging I'm all tapped out. Actually I think maybe I just need a vacation. I keep saying my motivation is hanging out on a warm beach sipping mojitos and enjoying a good book so maybe I should join my motivation. I does sound like a great idea! Nothing better then your toes in the sand, reading a good book and sipping on a cold drink.

Not a whole lot going on here in the Luvs2knit household. Same junk just a different day. The base is undergoing a huge inspection so I've pretty much been stuck at home since Shawn is working late hours and weekends. If all goes well this weekend will be ours although they haven't announced if they'll get Presidents Day off or not. It's getting kinda boring sitting around the house and no I don't want to scrub the house from top to bottom just to keep the boredom at bay. Between you and me, I'd rather be bored....just sayin.

Let see if I can play a little catch up here. My mom now has her shawl and loves it to pieces. I've been working on a few test knits for Woolgirl and I have some yarn coming in to knit samples for Miss Babs for Stitches West.

Might as well get started on posting FO's and new goodies that I've received in the mail.

First up is the beaded socks (ravelry).

Beaded Socks

I ended up making these for my mom. The yarn is Huntington sock yarn from WEBS. It's very soft, super cheap, and I loved knitting with it. I see more of this yarn in the future.

Shawn's Iain cabled hoodie (ravelry)(you can find the pattern through various stores online)

Ian Cabled Hoodie

The picture isn't all that great. We had a lot of days with little to no sunshine so an indoor photo was all I could get at the time. All I need to do now is knit the sleeves and hood. Shouldn't take much longer. 

I broke my no yarn till after we move rule to pick up a few skeins of yarn since my last post.

First up is JulieSpins MCN355 in the Ginger Cat and Emerald colorways.

JulieSpins MCN355

JulieSpins MCN 355

I found two people on Ravelry who were destashing these colorways so I had to give them a new home. I can't get enough of this yarn. It's so squishy and soft plus JulieSpins colorways are gooooooorgeous!

My Ruby Slippers Oz Sock Club package came in. You can see it here if you want. This is one of the patterns I test knit for Woolgirl not that long ago.

Next up are two skeins of JulieSpins M420S which is her superwash merino sock yarn.

JulieSpins M420S

These were from her Unclub that she does out on her Ravelry group. The top color is called Golden Glow and the bottom is Beach Plum. I absolutely loooooove these colors. I'm using the yellow one right now to knit the Butterfly Garden Socks (ravelry)(non ravelry).

Then I picked up some Fearless Fibers Merino Cashmere Nylon sock yarn.

Fearless Fibers Merino/Cashmere Sock Yarn

I like Fearless Fibers sock yarn so I wanted to give this MCN base a try. The color way is called Feel the Love and is absolutely gorgeous.

Skein of String Theory Caper sock that I picked up from The Loopy Ewe.

String Theory Caper Sock

This is the Isle colorway. OK, I have to admit it appears I've got a merino/cashmere sock yarn addiction now.

I have in my possession a skein of the new Mountain Colors Crazyfoot sock yarn.

Mountain Colors Crazyfoot

Mountain Colors was having a contest on their blog and I won along with I think 49 other people.....woot! The colorway is Wild Raspberry. As soon as I finish up my sample knits this will be hopping on the needles. I just need to figure out which pattern I want to use. 

Finally this yummy squishy yarn ended up on my doorstep.

Dream in Color Classy

It's Dream in Color Classy in the Deep Sea Flower colorway to knit Cassidy (Ravelry)(non Ravelry) for the TLE 2010 Q1 Sweater Challenge. Thankfully the challenge is going on till July so I have plenty of time to get it finished. This is my "woohoo we got our income tax refund reward".

I have a box full of goodies coming in from Woolgirl's "closing the shop" sale. She posted out on Ravelry that's she closing down the online/store portion of the business and is going to concentrate on kits and clubs. Everything is 35 percent off. I'm sadden to see her close the shop but it's for her health which is more important then yarn.

Now it's time to go wake sleeping beauty (who is snoring on the couch, quite loudly I might add) and go to bed. Course it's very possible that sleeping beauty won't wake up and will sleep on the couch for the night. I swear when Shawn falls asleep on the couch in the evening time it's almost impossible to get him to move.

Happy Crafting!