Apr 24, 2014

Sick Kid, Rainy Weather, and A Little Bit of Knitting

Kaity has some kind of flu bug so I've been up since 2:30am sitting here with her. Here's hoping she doesn't pass it on to anyone else in the house. At least Shawn was able to sit up with her for part of the night so I could get some sleep. I got about 5 hours of sleep so I may be able to make it through the day. At least I don't have to cook dinner tonight.

I finished my moms fingerless mitts.

Moms Ruby Slipper Mitts

The pattern is Beth's Fingerless Gloves. I'm definitely going to have to make a pair for myself. I still haven't tired of knitting stuff with beads. It's definitely one of my favorite things to do.

I'm making decent progress on my Rainbow Hue Shift Afghan.

Rainbow Hues Afghan

Rainbow Hues Afghan
The first picture is Section 1 completed and the second picture is the start of Section 3. I'd definitely make another one of these. Kaity's actually requested one of her own.

I started a pair of socks for my mom.


The pattern is WonderWings and the yarn is JulieSpins MCN355. I love love love working with this yarn. I really like this designers patterns. This isn't the first pattern I've used from this designer and it definitely won't be the last.

My cardi is moving along slowly.

Porch Swing Cardi

I haven't gotten very far on my Porch Swing Cardi. I'm sure I'll pick it back up soon. I just had to put it aside after ripping out over 15 inches of work. It would have drove me nuts to keep looking at the color difference so the only real option I had was to rip and start over.


Dishcloth KAL Mid month

I'm doing the dishcloth KAL again to give me a small project to knit on. This is Aprils mid moth KAL.

Right now we're under a cold snap. We woke up to frozen water in the dogs water dish outside which made me doubly happy to have not planted tomatoes. I almost picked up a few tomatoes the other day. Next week we're suppose to warm back up into the 70s so I'm thinking the garden will be planted next weekend.

Till next time....Happy Crafting!

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